E&I Industry Base by Bridge Capital and Oracle-To Create“Technology + Culture & Creative” a Two-Whee

Technology + Culture & Creative

Bridge Capital Wuhan Optical Valley T&C Innovation Industry Town
The project is located in the core zone of Optical Valley centre , the area clustered with buildings used for office, hotel, business and entertainment. Optical Valley centre takes up a total land area of 130,000 sqm in the center of Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Area, South to the Jiufeng Mountain and North to the Niushan lake. It’s estimated that 1.5 billion yuan will be invested into the business project, and more than 5,000 employment opportunities will be generated.


In the upcoming future, Optical Valley centre will be a high-end community with services in industries of technological, commercial& financial, cultural and creative, science and technology innovation; it will be an iconic lifestyle area with huge educational and cultural value. The project will achieve links between the location with the surrounding areas and the customer resource of Oracle Corp, ultimately enhence information management, talent and technology degree at the local, and make it become a innovation and entrepreneurship incubators based on big data platform. It will also become both the operator and back end service provider for the development of strategic emergent industries, and help to boost the innovation process for the financial market in Wuhan, as well as a platform that combines the modern service industry and the high-technology industry. As the heart of the second national self-dependent innovation demonstration area of China, Optical Valley centre is more than just an area for commercial and businesss use, it also acts as a backbone to support the development of a national central city for Wuhan.

Core Strategy

Bridge Capital is committed to boost the “E & I" to wider, higher and deeper!

China will encourage State and private investment in business startups, especially those in the high-tech sector, to help finance new business and innovation, according to a State Council guideline released on July 27. In-depth implementation of the innovation driven development strategy, to be able to "double" into a larger, higher level, a deeper level. Which is to protect and expand employment, optimize the economic structure, accelerate the transformation of old and new, to enhance the competitiveness of the national economy, which is of great significance. In order to create a fusion, collaboration, sharing the "double" ecological environment, to achieve sustainable and healthy development and enhance the effectiveness of entrepreneurship and innovation.

E & I (Mass entrepreneurship & Innovation) Industry Base —— by Bridge Capital with Oracle

To Create “Technology + Culture Innovation”a Two-Wheeled Drive

Oracle , with annual revenue 37.9 billion dollars, market value 181.046 billion dollars, Oracle Corporation is the largest multinational computer technology corporation,a headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. In 1989, Oracle officially entered the Chinese market. In 2015 Oracle was the second-largest software maker by revenue, after Microsoft. The company specializes primarily in developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products — particularly its own brands of database management systems. Oracle is the leading provider of information management software and the second largest independent software company in the world.

The latest reprot from Gartner shows:Global 10 Software leaders by fortune,Oracle ranks the 2nd.US $38.2 billion total GAAP revenue in FY 2015


Oracle WDP

Oracle WDP ——Workforce Development Program, is a vocational development course offered by Oracle company for students, individuals and in-service personnel. Oracle technology is widely used in all walks of life, including telecommunications, electricity, finance, government and a large number of manufacturing industry, Oracle technology personnel are required. Oracle provides projects in the global market for vocational education, which provides Oracle technology training to this group of people at a low cost. With systematic training, these people can quickly master the latest Oracle core technology, and can be competent for large-scale enterprise database management, maintenance, development work.

5 most popular certifications: Java SE 7 Programmer、Java SE 8 Programmer、Oracle SQL、Oracle Database Administration、Oracle Database Advanced Administration

Two-wheeled Drive Created by Bridge Capital E&I Fund

  • Vedio Culture Base
  • Oracle Technology Center
  • TAFE Training Base
  • Startup Flatform
  • Talent Apartment
  • Commerce & Culture Service System
To provide career training and startup Incubation base for students and graduates To provide the city with high-quality business services and regional formation of urban function chain

“Real Estate + Technology + Culture & Creative” Industry Park & Real Estate Linkage

Bridge Capital Group is cooperating with Oracle to implement the T&C Innovation base,with technology and culture two-wheeled drive. To establishVedio Culture Base,Oracle Technology Center, TAFE Training Base, Startup Flatform, Talent Apartment and Commerce & Culture Service System supported by the E&I Fund. To provide career training and Entrepreneurship Incubation base for students and graduates, and to provide the city with high-quality business services and regional formation of urban function chain.